Exporting and Shipping

We are experts in shipping pets around the world!

If you have been transferred or moving overseas and wish to have your pet join you, we make the transition as painless as possible for both yourself and your beloved pet.

Moving to Australia Specialists

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front_dogPets By Air are the Australian shipping specialists for moving pets by air from Auckland New Zealand, to any international Airport in Australia.

We have collection and delivery “door to door” if required.

(Of course we also transport pets to other places in the world as well!)

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Pets By Air is the expert in shipping pets 7 days a week to Australia. We built up special relationships with the Airlines over the years.

All you really need to do is provide us with the name, address and daytime phone number of the person to whom you are consigning your dog or cat in Australia and complete an owner’s declaration which we can send to you that must be signed by a Justice of Peace, and we can do the rest for you.

We may be able to arrange your pet to travel on the same flight. Please contact us, ideally before booking your flight, and we can see if pet transport is available for the specific flight.

Pet Boarding

We have our own boarding facility Brookby Pet Lodge and offer flying customers up to 3 days free board if required before flight.

Visit the Brookby Pet Lodge website to enquire.

Please call us or mark “pet boarding required” on the quote form, if you require pet boarding.

Veterinary requirements

Veterinary requirements are a Vet check within 5 days prior to the date of shipping ………… most private Vets can do this for you. (check the copy of the requirements published below)

We are happy to complete the final vet check, export certificate and parasite treatment for you if required at a very competitive rate.

View requirements for exporting a cat or dog to Australia.

Let Pets By Air take care about transporting your pets. You never need to worry about anything to do with your pet’s trip to Australia, or worldwide. Leave it to the specialists.
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